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Natural stone provides glamour to your home. From antiquity through today, artists and builders have favored natural stone for its durability and beauty. Michelangelo chose travertine for the external ribs of the dome of St Peter's Basilica; the Italians and Greeks used marble for their sculptures; dressing tables of the early 1900s often had marble tops. With proper care, the natural stone that you choose for your home will provide many years of functional elegance.


Granite is natural rock composed of differing amounts of the mineral elements feldspar, quartz, and mica. This combination forms one of the hardest natural surfaces, creating a product that is beautiful and durable. The creation of granite gives rise to unique variations in color, pattern, and movement. Granite comes in an exquisite range of colors and patterns with more and more exotic colors every year. Granite is one of the strongest materials that can be chosen for countertops. Granite can be used inside and outside of the home. Granite does need to be sealed every 6-12 months to prevent damage to the surface and to ensure safer food handling.

Quality Granite and Marble has a wide selection of full granite slabs in stock in both traditional and exotic colors and patterns. There are also smaller pieces that can be used for bathroom vanities, countertops, and furniture.


Marble is a type of limestone formed under extreme heat and pressure. While generally light in color, dark brown and black marbles are also available. Marble is porous, which means that when it comes into contact with an acidic substance, etching or staining will occur. This includes citrus fruit, wine, and other items typically in a kitchen. Annual sealing of the countertop and rapid cleanup of these substances can minimize damage but the risk does exist. Typically there is less risk of damage in a bathroom.

Quality Granite and Marble has a wide selection of marble samples for you to view to pick the color right for your home or office.

Cultured Marble

Cultured Marble is created using marble dust combined with resins to create a custom countertop. Cultured marble is resistant to staining and is quite popular for bathrooms. There is a risk of scratching the surface with sharp objects.

Quality Granite and Marble has samples for you to pick the color right for your bathrooms.


Quartz is one of the hardest materials in the world making it perfect for high-intensity kitchens.

Manufactured Quartz consists of 90 percent quartz particles blended with resin. It is very durable, resistant to scratches and stains, and comes in a wide variety of colors. Manufactured quartz does not require sealing and is a non-porous surface making it resistant to mildew and mold.

Quality Granite and Marble has an amazing selection of colors and patterns of quartz for you to pick the selection to match your color scheme.


Travertine is another natural stone product with a rich history. The Coliseum in Rome, for example, is constructed of 2000-year-old travertine. The colors of travertine are very similar to classic earthy tones: cream, gold, and beige. Travertine, like marble, can be damaged by acidic substances.

Quality Granite and Marble has a lovely array of travertine so you can select just the right color for your project.


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